. World News – UK – Salon owners face a £ 17 fine. 000 after ignoring the blocking rules again


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A salon owner faces an even greater financial penalty after opening the premises twice despite the blocking rules.

Sinead Quinn of Quinn Blakey Hairdressers in Oakenshaw near Bradford is now facing a total fine of 17. £ 000 for repeatedly violating lockdown rules.

« We visited on Saturday and found that the store is open. They have a £ 4 fine that day. 000 received for trading.

« Police visited the premises today and found that the shop is open again and trading.

Earlier this month, Ms. Quinn posted videos on Instagram discussing with council officials who had visited her salon to see if he complied with the rules.

In a video, she told officials that she did not « agree » to the fine, quoting « common law ». .

She had previously posted a sign on the salon door quoting the Magna Carta in defense of her decision to continue trading.

Ms. Quinn declined to comment after initially telling YorkshireLive that she was not breaking the law.

In an Instagram video post on Sunday, Ms. Quinn told the visiting officer: « I do not agree. « 

Alongside the post, she wrote, « This time it was REALLY difficult to hear as she wasn’t as aggressive as the first time. . Maybe because she didn’t have the police to replace her? And it was short and sweet.

« The police were stopping when I was closing the salon to go home, so I approached the car and told them I was going home and there was no need to get out, they said, » « We have to out when we get calls that you’re open. « Really nice copper! » See you on Monday guys! « 

Lockdown, Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees

World News – UK – Salon owners face a £ 17 fine. 000 after ignoring the lockdown rules again
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Ref: https://www.examinerlive.co.uk

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