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Donald Trump and 18 others are indicted on counts that include racketeering and forgery.
Attorney for former President Trump Alina Habba speaks on the grand jury handing up 10 sealed indictments in the Trump Georgia case.
The Casey County Grand Jury on July 28 returned indictments on nine individuals. There were 48 total counts, almost all of the cases included methamphetamine.
There’s disagreement amongst OC Supervisors about how often you should listen to the county’s citizen watchdog panel on some of the region’s most pressing issues.
The grand jury in Georgia investigating Donald Trump's attempts to overturn his 2020 election loss handed up a criminal indictment on Monday, though it was unclear whether the charges involved the former president.
Three individuals were indicted on felony charges by a Brown County grand jury on July 27.
Georgia lawyer Fani Willis has warned of threats as a decision on charges for Donald Trump looms.
Charlie Sykes explained what the former president "losing his mind" on social media amid developments in the classified documents case really means.
Move dramatically raises stakes for former president as investigation appears to near its conclusion