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Le septuagénaire a écopé en mai dernier d'une peine de prison à vie
Spider lightning illuminated the night sky in Pennsylvania on Thursday, September 7, as the National Weather Service (NWS) issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the region.Slow-motion footage taken by Oliver Knapton shows forks of lightning sprawling across the sky in Delta, near Pennsylvania’s southeastern border with Maryland, on Thursday.Sharing the video on X, Knapton wrote, “Best lightning show I’ve ever seen.” Credit: Oliver Knapton via Storyful
China's economy is on the brink with unemployment soaring among young people. This has sparked fears that Xi Jinping could seize the moment to invade Taiwan.
Chinese President Xi Jinping encouraged academicians and experts to inspire more scientific and technological workers to support and participate in the cause of science popularization and improve scientific literacy in China.Xi, also general secretary
CHRONIQUE. Si le pays dirigé par Narendra Modi reste attaché à une forme de neutralité, l’agressivité de la Chine de Xi Jinping le pousse toutefois du côté de Washington, explique, dans sa chronique, Alain Frachon, éditorialiste au « Monde ».
Qin Yizhi’s stalled political career is latest sign the organisation – once the power base of top leaders – is increasingly sidelined.
Leaders have chosen Pan Gongsheng, currently deputy governor of the PBOC, because of his international background.
Chinese Embassy officials in Washington have been demanding an end to sanctions as a prerequisite for high-level military communications
The Russia-Ukraine War will result in the disintegration of the Russian Federation because Moscow will be unable to support or control its Eurasian land mass with 11 time zones, Diane Francis writes.
As if the country isn’t involved in enough territorial disputes