Weltnachrichten – AU – Musikladen trolled after putting up the controversial « No masks » sign


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Posted: 21:00 GMT, 29. December 2020 | Updated: 02:49 GMT, Jan.. December 2020

A music store’s controversial no-mask policy has made a bad impression on outraged locals and online trolls.

Guitar Exchange in the Moreton Bay area of ​​Queensland was reviewed online following a recent decision to ban masked customers from entering the premises.

A sign at the main entrance, which has since been removed by the owner, had a clear message for everyone who wants to protect themselves from the deadly coronavirus.

Guitar Exchange, a musical instrument store in Queensland, has come under fire for its strict « no mask » policy. The picture shows the sign that has since been removed

The musical instrument store was inundated with hundreds of negative reviews on its Facebook page in a matter of hours Tuesday evening when the word of the mark spread online.

‘I would recommend the shop to anyone looking to catch COVID in the next outbreak. By ignoring experts and not allowing masks in their business, they are ensuring that everyone is at greater risk, ”said a review.

Another added, « The owner of this business doesn’t think your life and health are important. Think he’s a scientist and he’s doing propaganda. I cannot imagine that someone like this would be anything but rude and unhelpful. ‘

Some called for the store to close while others accused the store of being irresponsible.

The controversial character sparked online outrage among keyboard warriors. Pictured is one of the negative reviews posted on the shop’s Facebook page

Some called for the store to close while others accused the store of being irresponsible. Pictured is another negative online review

« How you take care of people, you don’t even take care of yourself, » commented one man on a negative review. ‘

A manager at the store told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday that the owner has since removed the sign.

Guitar Exchange (entrance pictured) has since removed the sign after the store was inundated with online backlash and negative reviews

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Weltnachrichten – AU – Musikladen trolled after the controversial « No masks » sign was attached
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